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Our real payday loans direct lender range from $100 to $1000

A real payday loan direct lender is a loan that is paid to the applicant on the same working day without considering any other deadlines. This loan option is offered by established house banks and credit institutions on the Internet, even if there are differences in the application process and loan grant. In order to be able to benefit from a real payday loan direct lender on the site, all documents to prove individual collateral and a positive credit rating should be brought along with the request in order to convince the credit institution of the lending without delay. It can help to be a customer of a bank that has an insight into the individual, financial situation and collateral. The whole thing is a little easier on the Internet. You should also have all the necessary documents ready here, but you no longer have to leave home with modern credit institutes. You can easily submit your papers online and identify yourself using the video process. Thanks to digitization, you not only have your money in your account faster but you also no longer have to worry about paperwork.

Even if low repayment terms are sought for instant loans and can be determined by means of a loan comparison, for many applicants the focus is on paying the money out as quickly as possible. Many of the online banks help here with options such as instant payment or express payment so that you receive your money the same day.

Compared to local financial institutions, most online direct providers do not pay an additional fee when granting their instant loans, which is often charged for quick processing by traditional credit institutions. As evidence of existing collateral can be provided electronically when the application is submitted online, costs are reduced and a lot of time can be saved. This is an additional advantage of the Internet compared to stationary banks because when comparing loans, the repayment terms of financial houses on the Internet do somewhat better than with traditional local banks.


With loans on the Internet

The payment can only be made once you have submitted all the documents. Due to the delayed payment, in this case, many internet banks use the term “credit with immediate approval”. Here, the online application is partially checked automatically within seconds or minutes and, ideally, a promise is given, even if the desired payment is delayed.

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Loans for self-employed without Credit Bureau information Fri, 24 Jan 2020 16:25:04 +0000


In view of department stores and cell phone contracts, it can happen very quickly these days that you have an entry at Credit Bureau. This is not a problem in everyday life. However, it is always difficult when you want to apply for a loan.

Especially with freelancers and the self-employed, who have a poorer starting point in credit negotiations right from the start, there is usually no chance of getting money at a house bank. But there are also ways to get money over the Internet, so that with a little research it is also possible to find credit for self-employed people without Credit Bureau.

How are the loans applied for?

How are the loans applied for?

Loans without Credit Bureau information are usually offered by credit institutions from abroad via the Internet. Anyone who is interested in such a loan simply has to fill out a credit application on the corresponding website and send it online. After checking the information, the applicant will also be sent a credit agreement by e-mail, which he can accept and sign or ignore if the conditions do not suit him.

After acceptance, loans for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau information function like normal installment loans, in which monthly payments repay the loan amount over a fixed term. Since no information is obtained from Credit Bureau when granting such a loan, this loan is not reported to Credit Bureau in return.

In order to apply for such loans for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau information, the applicant must in any case be over 18 years old and have a residence in Germany. Furthermore, banks generally require that they have been self-employed for at least two or three years. In addition, current operating documents must be available, from which the economic situation of the company can be seen.

It’s worth comparing and reading well


As with all loans, loans for self-employed persons without Credit Bureau information should be well researched and the individual offers should be compared in terms of terms. If you don’t have time to do this yourself, a credit broker can help you find the best deal.

There are always warnings about loans from the Internet. It must be said that in addition to numerous reputable offers, there are also some dubious ones. A first indication that the work is not trustworthy is the charging of a fee when the application is submitted. This is not common on the credit market.

Fees only have to be paid if a credit agreement has actually been concluded. Offers or agents who charge fees even if a contract is not concluded are therefore considered to be untrustworthy and should not be considered.

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Request a loan at the weekend: what you should know Mon, 30 Dec 2019 16:57:06 +0000

One of the main attractions of online personal loans is the possibility of having the money in the account in less than half an hour since the process begins (application + confirmation), but this option can be altered when requesting a loan the end of week. Like many other sectors, the financial sector slows down on Saturdays and Sundays, which means that the deadlines for receiving the money can last up to 48 hours. Except for exceptional situations, this wait is a consequence of the schedules of the bank receiving the online credit.

As for the fast credits of Currency Now, the usual thing is that the payment is made in just a few minutes. Although due to bank hours, there may be cases in which it is delayed, especially on weekends.


Delays when requesting a loan over the weekend, why?

money loan over the weekend, why?

The modus operandi of Currency Now, 100% online and with the help of a last generation algorithm capable of valuing thousands of data in a few minutes, makes it possible to receive money at any time of the day or night, regardless of whether it is Saturday or Sunday. As we said lines back, it is the operation of the bank where the urgent loan is entered that ultimately determines when we will collect it.

On the other hand, the European payment system, called TARGET, which only works on business days, also influences the payment period. They fit all the countries belonging to the SEPA zone (Single Europayments Area – Single Payments Area), which are the 28 states that make up the European Economic Area and Switzerland, San Marino, Monaco, Lietchestein, Norway and Iceland.

Spanish banks conform to the European payment system, called TARGET, which is not operational or holidays or weekends

By law, the payment of an electronic transfer in dollars within this area is one business day from the date of dispatch of the issuer, from 2012 onwards. But it can happen that this shipment occurs on Saturday, Sunday or holiday, non-business days, which will cause delays in the payment when requesting a loan on the weekend.


Add that all entities have a cut-off time

loan request

Which is not always the same, after which the transfer is received the next business day. Therefore, if you have not received your fast online credit within a few minutes of being approved, you will most likely have it in your account in the first hours of the next morning.

If you have not received your fast online credit within a few minutes of being approved, you will most likely have it in your account in the early hours of the next morning.

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Regularize your loans with mortgage loan redemption Fri, 27 Dec 2019 16:27:11 +0000

Taking out a mortgage loan redemption allows you to rearrange your loans and settle the amount due according to your repayment capacity.

Simulate your mortgage repurchase


The mortgage loan redemption to settle your loan

The mortgage loan redemption to settle your loan

Getting a mortgage is a quick and convenient way to finance your projects. A major change in your life can put you in a precarious financial situation. Buying credit with a mortgage can be an advantageous solution to avoid finding yourself in default of payment.


What is the repurchase of mortgage credit to regularize its loans?

mortgage credit

The mortgage repurchase is an operation consisting of taking a new loan at a fixed rate to repay the remaining balance due on your credits. In practice, you consolidate all of your loans into a single mortgage and will only have to pay one monthly payment.

The new schedule will be defined according to the sums requested and your debt capacity. This type of operation supports your current mortgage loan, but can also include restricted credits including the mortgage, and unallocated ones such as personal loans.

You should know that the terms for applying for credit include quite heavy fees. In addition to the notary’s fees and administrative costs, you will have to pay, among other things, re-employment allowances on your current credits.

These are penalties to be paid to the bank for the early repayment of your old loans. You will also have to pay the release costs on the previous mortgage. It is common to include all costs in the new capital requested to reduce your charges.


The Benefits of Mortgage Refinancing

Mortgage Refinancing

It is common to renegotiate your contract when interest rates fall or you have difficulty repaying your loans. Buying a mortgage offers a simpler alternative and has many advantages.

You will deal with a single contact and can adapt your reimbursements to your financial situation. In general, the monthly payments are revised downwards. This implies an extension of the reimbursement period. As with most long loans, interest is often low.

By paying a single monthly payment, you reduce your expenses considerably. This will allow you to get out of over-indebtedness, but also to free up more or less substantial cash flow to better manage the end of the month or plan a new project.

Taking out any type of loan means that you are registered in the CCP file of the National Bank of Belgium. The file mentions the nature of the credit taken out, but also the defaults of payment. Regularizing your loans through mortgage refinancing helps to clean up your file.


Study your loan repurchase

Study your loan repurchase

This formula is taken out with a bank or a loan company. It is strongly advised to request a study of your file by a broker like Pocketheal who has several lending partners with whom he can negotiate the best conditions for you.

In any case, it is best to compare the offers of the credit agencies before signing. Do not hesitate to simulate your credit repurchase to get an idea of ​​the possible schedule and the real cost of the operation.

You can easily find credit simulators on dedicated sites. They often provide an example to help you understand the principle of refinancing mortgage loans. By indicating the amount and the desired repayment period, you will be able to obtain an estimate of the monthly payments payable and the value of the interest rate.

Also remember to check the legal notices concerning the granting of a credit union. The procedures for obtaining the loan are controlled by the supervisory authority: the FPS Economy.

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What is a policy loan and how can I borrow life insurance? Wed, 11 Dec 2019 16:38:44 +0000

Policy loans are a prepayment, i.e. a loan, of insurance benefits from a life insurance policy to the policyholder. Colloquially, claiming a policy loan is also referred to as lending life insurance. If you want to avail yourself of such a policy loan, you have several options and providers, which we have compared in the following comparison.

Comparison of policy loan providers and their terms

Comparison of policy loan providers and their terms

An example of this: You need the money and do not want to take out a loan from the bank. In this case, there is an opportunity to take out life insurance. Such a policy loan has several advantages: low-interest rates, long terms of up to 25 years and your insurance cover remain.

Policy loans are usually term loans. Maturity means that only interest is paid at any rate during the term. The repayment is due in full at the end of the term and is usually paid from the life benefit (payment).

Policy loan in editorial test

After the question of whether to lend to policy has been clarified, the question of where usually arises. Which provider is the most consumer-friendly? To answer this question, we recommend our daily test. With six test categories and a total of 34 features, it is probably the most comprehensive policy loan test on the market.

Policy Loan – What Is It?

Policy Loan - What Is It?

If you need a loan, your life insurance can alternatively be loaned. This can have many advantages. A policy loan is usually a term loan. This means that only the interest is payable each month, but not the repayment yet. This is only due at the end of the term.

The large final rate at the end of the term should, therefore, be taken into account. Think in advance about how to make this payment. Optimally, the term of the policy loan and policy is one date.

What are the benefits of a policy loan?


The main advantage is probably the low-interest rate. The loan is basically based on the premiums already paid by the insured. Therefore, no further security is required and there is no SCHUFA query. Anyone who has a mortgage life insurance can, therefore, use it as collateral for a policy loan.

Another advantage is the minimization of ongoing insurance costs for the borrower. Because despite a loan, almost every policy can be provided free of charge. Instead of the insurance premiums, the insured person then only pays interest and, if applicable, repayment installments for the policy loan. So if you do not want to save any more on life insurance, but do not want to wait until the agreed expiry date for the money saved in it, you can lend your life insurance and immediately set it free of contributions.

Current insurance costs can be reduced even further if only the interest is paid during the term of the policy loan and the loan is then offset against the life insurance maturity. So there is a subsequent repayment.

A final advantage, which should not be underestimated, is that life insurance protection against death is still available despite the loan. A big advantage over the early termination of such a policy.

An example of the benefits of a policy loan

Mr. Mustermann currently sees himself in a difficult situation. Another driver badly damaged his car at night without leaving a message. Unfortunately, his insurance does not cover the damage, but the car has to go to the workshop urgently, as he depends on the vehicle for work.

His financial situation is currently tense so that the liquid funds are not sufficient for the repair. But his life insurance has been going on for a while and the amount already saved is more than enough to pay the workshop bill. He does not want to separate from the insurance, however, because it is part of his pension scheme.

After comparing the various policy loans, Mr. Mustermann decides on a variant in which he pays interest and repayments according to a fixed plan and at the same time provides the insurance policy with no contributions. In this way, he compensates for the monthly installments for his policy loan and can pay his bill at the workshop without major problems.

Better credit opportunities for seniors

Better credit opportunities for seniors

Policy loans are 100 percent secured because paid-in capital and no valuables with fluctuating market prices serve as collateral. In theory, this structure could make it easier for older people to get such a loan.

It is a certainty that can hardly be proven: it is harder for seniors to get a loan than is the case with younger people. Some may think now that this is in the nature of things and is therefore quite normal. At the same time, it must be stated that this is not what the legislator intended.

Services also include enabling financing. So lenders per se have no legal basis to deny applicants access to finance simply because they have reached or exceeded a certain age.

So much for theory. In practice, however, the consumer advice centers always come up with cases in which an apparently discriminatory rejection is at stake. The problem is: It is extremely difficult or almost impossible to prove discrimination.

If the bank declares that the age of the applicant did not play a role in the rejection, but other factors such as individual creditworthiness are the cause, the matter may have been settled. The reason for this is that no bank can be forced to disclose its valuation criteria in the lending business.

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Try private payday loan immediately Tue, 10 Dec 2019 16:44:27 +0000

Do you need cash to carry out the venture? Or maybe you are looking for money for unexpected expenses? Each of us may experience situations in which an additional injection of money is necessary.

In such cases, we often think about payday loans. We check the options, calculate the installment, leave the phone number for the consultant and … unfortunately, the bank’s answer is negative. This can often happen if you have other liabilities, but also if you are entered in the register of debtors or if you have no stable income.

It also happens, however, that despite meeting all the bank’s requirements, obtaining a payday loan is such a time-consuming undertaking that it loses its meaning. After all, taking a payday loan for many years of building a house is different, if you have to buy equipment urgently, right?

Therefore, wherever the most important thing is time and simplification of procedures, it is worth considering another form of a loan. One of them is a private payday loan immediately.

A payday loan immediately – how is it characterized?

A loan immediately - how is it characterized?

First of all, we do not borrow money from the bank – hence the common term “non-bank loan”. In this case, no clean credit history is needed – the lender does not check our creditworthiness and previous commitments. Sounds risky? Not necessarily – usually people interested in this form of financing are not only people in extremely difficult financial situations.

Often, they are also, for example, entrepreneurs who need cash for further investments or development of their company. Although banks are not interested in granting loans due to any additional obligations, the company does not have to be on the brink of bankruptcy.

In many cases it can be a matter of not having a good credit history. In this case, the lender is not exposed to losses – the company’s assets can be used as collateral for debt repayment.

The advantages of a payday loan immediately

The advantages of a loan immediately

The advantage of this type of loan is above all convenience. You do not need to submit statements or documentation, wait for applications to be processed: the loan is granted almost immediately. It is a good solution for investors who quickly need cash as a contribution in the case of investments, and are not able to sell goods or shares quickly.

It is worth remembering such a solution in case of sudden financial problems or prospects of investing funds. Some companies need the possibility of borrowing a smaller amount of money to be able to finalize the project that has been started, without which the prospect of new profits is blocked – it’s worth collecting the missing amount and starting new projects that will make the company profit financially.

Regardless of the tempting perspective of a quick and trouble-free loan, it is worth considering all the pros and cons. It is also a liability that must be repaid within a specified period. Therefore, regardless of whether it is several hundred or several thousand dollars, you should think carefully before making an additional commitment.

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30000 USD credit – starting from 300 USD monthly Tue, 10 Dec 2019 16:28:40 +0000

It’s not always easy to choose the right repayment term for a $ 30000 loan . This is always dependent on the installment amount, the amount of the selected loan and the interest rate offered at a $ 30000.

The lower the rate of a loan is chosen 30000 dollars, the longer the borrower will need to pay off the loan.

Apply for 30000 dollars online – quickly informed

Apply for 30000 Euro online - quickly informed

  • To take up $ 30000 does not always cost the same amount of interest
  • Significant cost differences arise from the choice of providers and personal creditworthiness
  • Use the affiliate to choose a cheap lender
  • Apply for – right now without obligation – your desire for personal credit check condition

Which term fits the loan?

Which term fits the loan?

Often the terms are between twelve and 72 months. This means that the customer has to pay off this loan for seven years.

30000 dollars credit – starting from 300 dollars monthly

However, lenders and other Internet providers can also opt for a term of up to 120 months, which means that the loan will be paid off over ten years. For example, if the customer chooses a term of 84 months with a loan amount of 30,000 dollars, then the monthly rate for almost all providers is over 400 dollars.

With a total of over 30000 dollars and a term of 120 months, the rate starts at about 300 dollars. However, the customer must pay attention to the annual percentage rate, which is between 3.95 percent and 5.95 percent.

A comparison should therefore be carried out unconditionally, because the interest rate is often crucial, whether a loan offer of a $ 30000 credit is taken cheap or not. Not only the interest rate is important for a $ 30000 credit, but also the term.

Nobody knows what he will do in seven or ten years. It may be that a job change or a new place of residence changes the life situation.

Not infrequently, a job loss is to cope. If then the loan with 30000 dollars over many years exists, it will be hard to pay off the credit yet.

Therefore, the duration should be adjusted according to income. If you have a good salary, you should also accept a higher installment in order not to have to pay off the loan for 300,000 dollars.

Credit offers of the individual banks for a 30000 dollars credit

Credit offers of the individual banks for a 30000 euro credit

A loan comparison is very important for a $ 30000 loan, so that money can be saved. There are many providers here who have a low interest rate.

  • The Bank of Scotland has an effective annual interest rate of 1.95 percent on the sum of a $ 30,000 loan. The installment is 382 dollars per month.
    If you choose the same bank with a maturity of 120 months, the annual percentage rate is higher and is 3.95 percent. The monthly term is 302 dollars.
  • For the same amount, lenders is 4.44 percent at a maturity of 84 months at a rate of 380 dollars and a maturity of 120 months also at 4.44 percent. Here is the monthly amount of 308 dollars. Striking in the credit comparison is that the provider lenders does not change its annual percentage rate. Here, all customers receive the constant APR with a fixed debit interest.
  • While other providers,  interest rates on a loan $ 30000 are well over five percent.
  • The providers barclaycard and skwbank are identical in percentage. Here the monthly amount is only slightly different. While a monthly installment of $ 385 has to be paid for the $ 30000 loan with a maturity of 84 months, the loan with a term of 120 months is not offered by both providers.

The credit comparison for a $ 30000 credit shows that the installment payment is lower if the term is higher, but the loan is more expensive. In order to make an accurate calculation, the borrower must calculate his fixed costs.

This includes the rent as well as the electricity bill and the general cost of living. With the help of the income, a credit rate can be calculated and thus also an optimal term.

General notes on borrowing

No matter which $ 30000 loan is taken, the borrower must meet the general loan conditions. These do not change from provider to provider and must always be met.

Thus, the applicant must be of legal age, ie fully capable of acting. In addition, an income must be proven.

This can be done with the help of proof of income. The income must come from an employment that has an employment contract that is indefinite.

The salary must be above the seizure allowance for each provider, so that the loan is sufficiently secured. Anyone who has a mini-job or a part-time job will hardly be able to pay a loan of $ 30000.

Often, these applicants are denied, as the income can not be seized if there is a credit default.

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